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Welcome to my online sales department. If you are interested in originals, please contact me directly using the email below. Please put "JKC ART" in the subject line.

Email Jeffrey Kimsey-Carroll

If you are interested in prints on canvas, wood, metal, or paper please follow the link below to my Redbubble store. Type in the name of the work in the search once you are at the store.

Jeffrey Kimsey-Carroll Redbubble Store

Please note that at this time my sculptures are only available in original form. Contact me if you are interested in any sculpture, using the email above.

Soul Stars

Be sure to check out my line of star mandalas when you are on my Redbubble site. These star like mandalas are made from photographs I have taken of different things and parts of my art work. I process the photos through a kaleidoscope filter on my computer. I then give each one an attribute. It is my personal philosophy that each persons soul is actually an entire universe of stars and each one holds a single moment of your being. Through out our lives we continue to place stars in the sky of our souls. Works for me!

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