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I have always been a maker!

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For 25 plus years I have created:


Custom cabinetry

Museum Exhibits



Original Artwork



My Philosophy

Everything I have made seems to lead me to something else. Being in the process of creating something always sparks new ideas and takes me in new directions. I think this plays out in all of life. Staying in the creative frame of mind allows one to see how everything is connected. Life is like a continual drawing, as people (and all creatures) move about from one interaction to another and from one place to another. An extremely complicated and often overwhelming web can be seen by the artistic eye. It is out of this web, or spirit, that I draw the inspiration for my creations and my life.



To visit my woodworking website follow this link:


Below is a link to an older website that has lots of photos, thoughts and links to many things I have created. I think this site dates from 2008 to 2016 with many links taking you to other sites as well.


Oh yes, I also make music.

Please visit my SoundCloud.

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