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A Hands-on Gallery style Exhibition

     Presented for Persons of All Ages

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With The ART of PLAY the PLAY of ART, Delaware County-based artist Jeffrey Kimsey-Carroll invites us to explore how play influences the artist's creative process, to discover our own inner artists through play, and to cultivate community by playing with art together!


Too often we think of work as the purview of adults and play as the purview of children. Work is something that adults do to accomplish a defined objective because we must. Play is something that children do without an end goal just because. Art, in turn, becomes something that professionals do for work and children do for play. But where does that leave the rest of us?


Kimsey-Carroll’s dynamic, interactive exhibition encourages all of us--regardless of age or expertise--to leave our expectations, inhibitions, and fears of failure behind as we play with and through art. Rather than present a passive audience with objects and images to view, The ART of PLAY or the PLAY of ART offers an opportunity for visitors to actively engage with the art. Participants will find that art, like play, can be open-ended and collaborative, and that play, like art, can be a meaningful vehicle for creative expression and an unexpected source of inspiration. 

The Art of Play The Play of Art is now a traveling exhibit that can come to your location. To get more information or to make it happen at your location contact Jeffrey Kimsey-Carroll at

H-CAN Arts Advocacy champions art in all its forms and strives to ensure the long-term sustainability of the arts. We collaborate with partners to expand community engagement with the arts, build connections and empathy through the arts, and amplify the diverse voices of local artists. We welcome anyone who believes that art is an essential part of the human experience with the power to transform individuals and communities and ignite radical social change. To become a member or discuss partnership and collaboration, contact us. The Havertown-Area Community Action Network (H-CAN) brings together residents of Haverford Township and surrounding neighborhoods to promote equity, justice, inclusivity, and democracy. Learn more at

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Jeffrey in front of the Shape It Video screen

The Art is In the Play

Activity 1.

The Art is in the Play - This activity allows visitors to construct and arrange materials such as painted wood, bamboo, wire, fabric and paper and more. Held together with clamps, string, bungie cords, dowels and imagination.

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Sticks and Stones 1.jpg

Sticks and Stones allows the visitor too create with the basics. Smooth river rocks and tree branches on a white canvas provides endless possibilities.

Sticks and Stones

Activity 2.
Activity 3.               Shape It! 

Shape It, allows visitors to arrange 

colorful abstract shapes on a white back ground and then see their work framed on the wall.

Activity 4.       Art Squared 

Art Squared Allows visitors to move colorful hand painted squares around until they find and arraignment they find pleasing. There is no particular result to be had here, it's play.

Activity 5.    Sound Play
Sound Play 1.jpg

Sound Play is made possible by Playtime Engineerings, Blipblox synthesizer. Built for ages 3 and up all visitors enjoy exploring the devices sounds and rhythms. 

Activity 6.        Word Play

Word Play Provides visitors the opportunity to express themselves using words. Each Board provides a single word prompt. Visitors then select a pre decorated scrap of cardboard to share their musings on the prompt word, write it down and stick it on.

Activity 7.      Art 1,2,3

Art 1,2,3 allows visitor to participate in this quilt like activity.  Visitors select 1 square 2 words and 3 scraps of pre-painted paper. apply it to the square and express the pre-selected prompt or muse. This particular one was "Art, what does it mean to you?

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