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Panting II

In 2021 I began experimenting with paint and paint pen and other mark makers on paper with some collage work using different kinds of tissue papers blended into the works. When I start one of these I am never sure where it will go.

Work on Paper

As I said, somewhere in 2021 I came across some heavy watercolor paper and started experimenting with very fast mark making. I started doing what I call reverse coloring book. I slap a bunch of color slashes, blops or drips onto the paper. Then sometimes I glue in images, tissue or bits of any kind of paper and then I start making marks or defining the shapes I see. Below are a few samples from a sketchbook I am trying to use when I am away from the studio. I will in studio put color and other object on a few pages and then when I am away, wherever, I can add line. The First images are just the paint and other materials glued in place. The second is the page with added line.

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