One more in my layers series of sculpture. Still not sure if the layer represent individuals in community or if the layers are emotions layered within an individual. I think it can go either way. If I am looking at it as a community of beings I am seeing how they move with and against one another. Then when an external force or event impacts one how it pushes one into another. Yet I also see the community resisting or supporting. 
If I see this as emotional layers of the individual it feels like the different emotions are impacted and respond with motion to absorb or deflect the event or force.
Either way I am trying to make visual something that is not visual. I am cutting more of these when ever I can. This is a study or exploration that I need to make visual.

These are painted wood cuts roughly 24" high x18" wide. 

"Out of Balance"


Note also that the sphere contains  a whole little world inside it. This represents the fact that we are impacted by life on many levels. An impact on our life can be another person or a drop of moisture containing a virus. We are  not always aware of impacts that can throw us out of balance


Out Of Balance IMP.jpg

$475.00 USD