"Life Still There"

Life Still There Imp.jpg

"Life Still There" formed at the beginning of the 2020 pandemic. I started it as a free form cut not really focusing on a theme and then as it evolved I realized I was afraid of loosing not only my physical life but the life of our society as well. Fairly simple thought I trapped the color and shape that I really like to paint in and behind distressed forms of decay, with my emotional line glyphs seeming to creep out from under and say wait it is still here, "Life Still (here) There".  Not sure there is any more to say, except I started out calling it "just a moment in the way".  Think i was hoping it would be over quickly.

21" High x 13 " wide

$275.00 USD

"I Got You I Think"

I Got You, Maybe IMP.jpg

"I Got You I Think" was also a free form wood cut. Named a few moments after I finished cutting. As I looked upon it I had the feeling all the shapes where sliding on one another downward to the right. Almost like a group of people packed on a toboggan flying down a hill. Being someone who grew up with eye-hand coordination problems, the feeling of trying to catch something that was falling or had been tossed to me was always heart stopping. This is probably another reason I try not to control to much, cause if i did I would be beating myself up for having drop so much, both physically and emotionally.

Now I left this one to just shape and color. This was because its current owner saw it at this state of development and purchased it as is. For a short time I had a duplicate pattern ready to take if further but somehow that felt like it distracted from the life of the  first one, as it was, so I let it go. You get it, you think?

34' high x 13' wide

Currently in private collection of

Gay Marshal, Pennsylvania