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Evolution IMP.jpg

"Evolution" began as an abstract wood cut. In other words the idea for the painting and Title came from the form. Many times I will take a board draw a few lines and just start cutting. many times I do not even follow the lines I draw. This was one of those cuts. Once cut it sat around the shop for a wile until it began to tell me what it wanted to be. Evolution is a scary concept for people. It seems to me to embrace it you have to be comfortable with the idea of change. Real change! the idea that you are not in control. that life will move forward and all kinds of things will happen and that includes one day you will be gone. As with many of my works this one seems to be growing and changing both in its shape and the small glyphs sliding around on it's surface.

Everything is here to change. We change as we grow, seasons change, rules change as societies see new ways to operate, it is the way the universe works. I don't want to get in to the arguments about the past, I am an evolutionist, and I feel, only feel, that we are evolving toward better beings. Beings who will allow love to be at the core of all they do, not control and power. Let it Be!

  21"wide x 13" Tall    Currently in Private collection - Wallace Pope, Delaware

A Family.jpg

"A Family Story"

"A Family Story" began as an experiment of, could I give shape to feeling. The feeling, or feelings of being a family and their story, what dose it look like? I had started creating individual shapes before this with the story stream in glyphs. The glyphs are lines and symbols of my own creation that represent an emotional story line. I was trying to show that as a being moves through life the story line grows constantly adding to the emotional story. The stories that I am talking about are more of the unconscious emotional stories, that's why to the on looker they are not readable.  Members of a family move together through life, but they still have individual story lines and glyphs that look totally different from each other. The family moves together but is also always in the process of moving apart to reform new units or families.

31 "High x 14" wide.

$475.00 USD

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