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"Dream Scape 431"

Dream Scape 431 began with a simple sketch, but came to life with the cutting of the wood. Once I had the layers, I began adding the colors and images. The photographic images are fragments of some of my well known photos as well as some obscure ones. The idea was to try and capture the changing nature of dreams. It is meant to express the way dreams jump from one image to another sometimes without making any clear sense. I drew into the second level small graphics that represent an imagined dream-making schematic, as if dreams are held together by some electronic (imagined) device.

The bottom layer has my line language that is designed to evoke emotion rather than understanding.

It is my belief that all line, no matter how simple or complex, evokes emotion that we do not always pay attention to. In dreams everything is telling us something.

Dream Complex 421 Imp.jpg

Size: 37.5 Inches High

X 24 Inches Wide

$1800.00 USD

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