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Can't Put My Finger On It

Sub Title: "Another Search For Everything"


This one comes from The cut. I often start with putting feeling into basic shape. I just started cutting and adding layers layers while focusing on the idea of a search for everything, as if that makes any sense. This is why there seems to be a background with a streaked universe with stars and orbs, and a skewed hand attempting to touch it all. Set into all the voids are obscure images and markings that represent fragments of the madness that comes from trying to capture and hold everything. The outer form seems to be a tattooed jester looking creature inked with lines that seem to mean something but just leave the on looker more confused. Line, shape and color will speak to you, but you cannot comprehend it all. I am aware that the desire to create an image that explains everything is futile, but I will try again.

48" High x 28 " Wide

  $1200.00 USD

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