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Adam's Schematic

It is hard to tell from this photo, bu this piece is in two layers. The Face is actually a print of a painting I did earlier glued onto a half inch piece of wood I then cut it out creating the two random fragments below. I then set it all on the painted sheet of plywood and did my line drawing over it all. Even drawing on the face of the print and the sides of the half inch thick wood. When I was a young boy I found a schematic drawing for an electronic component, no memory what the component was. I remember thinking it was quiet beautiful. My Father explained it was to tell the engineers how it worked, like the directions that came with model cars and planes. So as my mind goes I have always wondered what a schematic would look like for a human created by the divine. So this is my first attempt at this idea. Since I did this schematic I have gone only in my head and in note books in other directions, maybe I will get to that someday.

Currently in Private Collection, Kelsey Prima

A Schematic of Adam xS a.jpg
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