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"Waiting on the Awakening"

"What's With Green?"

This one came to life during the 2020 pandemic. I was let go from my work at a children's museum and before I left the shop, I grabbed a scrap of wood, cut the shapes and carried them home. I looked at them for about three days before base colors went on. They then sat for about a week waiting for me to take them further. I began to view each one of the shapes as individual entities. So I painted each with different combinations of color and line. They all seem to be hovering over the circle, waiting for it to become something. I soon realized this was where we all were, waiting for something to happen, to awaken, to begin again or anew.

23" High x 15' Wide

$225.00 USD

Waiting on the Awakening IMP.jpg

This is an old one, over 10 years old. More of an experiment or study in cutting out wood and reassembling and playing with paint.

 It has something to do with civilization or modernity rising out of layers of primordial ooze.

There is also some exploration into individuality and why is it we are not created all the same. Nature keeps challenging our ability to function as one by gifting us with new ideas, personalities, direction, complex emotion. I have often been struck by the statement, "lets all try and stay (or get) on the same page." One of the futile dreams of humans.

16" high X 10" wide

$175.00 USD

What's With Green  IMP.jpg
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