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"A Search For Place"

"A Fragment of Process"

Searching for place IMP.jpg

"A Search For Place", started with the photo image at the center. This is a night-time long light exposure with the camera in motion. This creates the streak, tail like effect. I felt the fragment of light at the center looked as if it was searching for something.

This Sculpture is part of a series I call "Soul Stars". I use this theme throughout my work. It is the idea of thinking of your soul as a complete universe within yourself and each star tells a little bit about you or ideas you have. This star is the idea that each of us moves about life try to find a place, situation or persons we belong to. Some times it seems that all of creation is trying to put a very big puzzle back together.

28" High x 18" wide

Currently in Private Collection: Alana Carroll Ardmore PA

A Fragment of Process IMP.jpg

"Fragment of Process", gets its start from the top of and old work bench. Cut out in a random shape, the surface was covered with paint, glue, grease and circular cuts from a router set to deep. I then drew pictures into the bench top surface, (see images below), to draw out the spirit stories of all the things created on the bench top. The sculpture is backed with a layer of my line language glyphs, to represent the mystery of the creative process. Flame like forms are sandwich between the front and back to represent the heat and passion of the creative process. 

26"High x 15" wide

$650.00 USD

A Fragment of Process Mini 1.jpg
A Fragment of Process Mini 2.jpg
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