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"On My Knees"

I fall to my knees
to know closely the earth,
to gaze into the grass,
deeper into the soil.
I find myself there;
I am of this earth.
The lines of every root
every stem, twig,
or edge of a leaf
are continued
within me,
and I know
I am continued
in them as well.
When I raise my head
to the sky,
I draw the lines
into the heavens, 
outline the clouds
connect the stars;
the rays of all the suns
reach down to connect
to me.
On my knees
I humble myself
to be with,
to always strive to be a part
of all the lines,
of the drawing
of creation.


"On My Knees" wood cut 17"x7" paint and ink

Where it all starts IMP.jpg

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