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"My Mind Nebula"

"My Mind Nebula" is a colorful cloud that swirls around in my head. In my mind's self-fabricated reality there are actually many different nebula clouds. They are where I retreated when the teachers back in school said I was day dreaming. I fill these clouds with dream, in a form of language that only the soul can read. 

    We are beings of the outer world; we live by our senses. We measure, categorize, predict and plan everything out. We are driven by knowledge. We are now coming into a time where finding a balance between knowing and feeling will be the only way to thrive and survive.

    The reality is the inner world is as big as the outer. In fact the inner world may be larger than the universe itself. Then again, it may be the same place altogether. Whose mind nebula do you imagine you are living in? 

My Mind Nebula 4 good.jpg
My Mind Nebula 6.jpg

24" x 24"  round-ish

$1300.00 USD


These closeups show the lines, colors and shape that hold feeling. The shapes and colors for me do not have meaning or stand for anything; that would be knowledge. I am trying to simply capture a flowing stream of emotion that will impact every person differently. I am sure I have used many shapes used by ancient peoples that have been determined to mean one thing or another. I can't help that I have looked at those (glyphs) all my life in books and in my travels.

My Mind Nebula7.jpg
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