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The Builder.jpg

"The Builder" This is another piece from the Soul Star Collection. It is a mixed media piece with photography, woodcut and acrylic paint. The image at the center is a line drawing of my inner builder, a face that is of itself almost a schematic or blue print type design. Each arm has a hand placed on a project: photos I have taken of buildings in Philadelphia, Chicago and New York. The builder is a celebration of the desire to create structure in all varieties.

Loat Boy.jpg

"Lost Boy" Again mixed media, paint, wood cut and photography. This one is simple. It is a picture of my son from about 15 years ago. Note, he is or was not lost. It is simply the idea that we all grow up and who we were slips away. We are always becoming new. He is now an amazing adult and in a sense the boy he was will always live in the Never Land within my memory.

Sorry, Not for Sale

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