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"I Had a Hand in This"

"I Had a Hand in This" is a two layer graphic. Top layer (1/2" thick) is a pinwheel style photo of a hand shadow set on a backing layer (1/4" thick) of oil pen on black. This piece is a celebration of my hands, one of the key tools of creativity. I would guess, for me, the hand is second in importance when it comes to creativity, the mind of course being the most important tool. It is my hands that shape and form the visions from my mind into reality. I have enjoyed the work of my hands over the years and hope they will last for many more.

I recognize there are many amazing artists who do not have the use of their hands and still find ways to express the creativity of their minds.

!8 Inches x 18 inches

$200.00 USD

I Had a Hand in This Imp.jpg

"Jean Walks His Fish"

"Jean Walks His Fish" is a nod to the Dada artist Jean (Hans) Arp. For years in my wood work I ended up with unusual shapes on the floor. This was due to my designs that were very organic. I would often pick up the shapes, paint them, and play with arranging them in different ways. This brought me some kind of simple joy, a free exploration of sorts. As soon a I stumbled upon mister Arp, I realized I had found a kindred spirit who gave me permission to glue the pieces down and name them.

24 inches x 18 inches

$250.00 USD

Unkown 2.jpg
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